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Counter Top Tailors Dummies

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  1. Articulated Vintage Male Counter Top Tailors Dummy

    Articulated Vintage Male Counter Top Tailors Dummy

    Regular Price: £159.00

    Special Price £127.20

    A stunning expertly made Male Vintage Counter Top Tailors Dummy with Articulated arms, hands and fingers, attached to a thick, sturdy wooden circular base. The body of the dummy is made of durable high grade fibreglass, which is covered in a non-removable, high quality textured cream linen cloth, giving it a truly unique and vintage element. The dummy is not pinnable. The fully adjustable, lightweight articulated arms, hands and fingers are made from natural wood and can be easily moved into a variety of distinctive poses. The dummy is complete with a wooden cap, and you can purchase a head separately.

    • Fully Articulated Arms - Adjustable arms, hands and fingers
    • Durable Material - Combination of high grade fibreglass, high quality linen and real natural wood
    • High Quality - A built to last product
    • Stable Support - Supported by a sturdy wooden base
    • Delivery - Delivered in 1-2 working days


    • Body Heigth with Wooden Cap: 680mm (2ft 2.8 inches)
    • Base Height is adjustable from 300mm (11.8 inches) to 730mm (2ft 4.7 inches)
    • Chest: 960mm (37.8 inches)
    • Waist: 820mm (32.3 inches)
    • Hips: 870mm (34.3 inches)
    • Arm: 740mm (29.1 inches)
    • Arm length from shoulder to cuff: 558mm (22 inches)
    • Shoulder to shoulder: 480mm (18.9 inches)
    • Diameter of Base: 290mm (11.4 inches)
    • Thickness of Base: 30mm (1.2 inches)
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